XIVET products are designed, developed and made in Italy

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Gielle Plast: rivenditore autorizzato Led Philips

Who we are

In 2009 the noteworthy expertise of the founders of Xivet (at the time Atena FVG Ltd.) in optics design in the automotive sector, of design, production of moulds and plastic moulding, assembling of electronic equipment and industrial design, all came together in the establishing of a new company.

Founded in the context of business incubator Agemont of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the company found a fertile terrain, rich in knowledge about lighting engineering, Optics and Electronics, in the municipality of Amaro (UD), an area where the most important companies in the Automotive field operate. In this sector, known for the high standard of quality required, also the companies GiellePlast Ltd and Julia Stampi Snc operate, companies that have decades of experience in the production of moulds and components in plastic, and which are the preferential furnishers of many important European brands of car manufacturers and electrical household appliances.

August 2015 sees fusion between Xivet and GiellePlast Ltd, resulting in an improvement of financial resources, borrowing the significant know-how related to problems in optics of durability of the plastic materials in the presence of atmospheric agents, of the dust- proof and water-proof seals and of the control of thermal and electro-static phenomena, all questions which are closely related with the reliability and life of the product.

Over the last years the company has developed this synthesis of experiences also thanks to collaborations with specialized research laboratories such as CRP (Plast-Optica Research Centre, Magneti Marelli Group), of Automotive Lighting and thanks to the technical support of Philips, Future Electronics and Ledil, which has permitted them to keep up with the latest technological developments in the fields of LED lighting, electronics and optics.

The development of this synthesis of high standard experiences in connection with advanced, new generation products has brought Xivet today to the point of looking with confidence also towards the international markets.

How we work

The policy of the company is geared towards manufacturing high quality products. The main area of work, street lighting, involves installing products that need to last over time and provide continuous performance insomuch as they are also associated with safety measures. For this reason the materials utilized, the processing and the finishing, the technological components are all selected according to criteria of quality, efficiency, durability and impact on the environment.
Once the guide-lines of the project have been outlined, the specifications of the new product being developed are defined. The mechanical and performance aspects are subjected to extremely accurate verifications as early as in the study phase. Il designer recepisce le istanze e le problematiche delle e The designer takes into account the requirements as well as the problems emerging from previous experience, finding innovative solutions that satisfy the needs for functionality and trustworthiness with ideas capable of investing the product with a strong identity.

The project takes form with the utilization of simulation software that attests the adequateness and conformity to regulations of the product from mechanical, thermal, optic and electronic aspects. The prototypes that are realized are subjected to physical tests to support the hypotheses emerging from the programmes of simulation, with continuous interaction until the pre-established results are achieved.
Julia Stampi, one of the group’s companies, realizes the moulds. Initially, a 0 series is realized on which functionality tests are carried out immediately. Any negative findings lead to modifications of the moulds before starting up the batch production.
The product obtained from the first definitive production is subjected to the established normative laws for the attainment of certificates of quality.

Gielle Plast carries out the moulding of the plastic parts. The distribution of the seals is done by robots directly on the plastic parts of the body using the same technology as that used for the headlights on automobiles.
The components are subsequently assembled and the products are subjected to quality auditing.

The materials utilized are all high-performing.
The top cover is realized in die-cast aluminium to guarantee a high level of heat loss to safeguard the lifetime of the LED and the electronic equipment.
The die-casting of the aluminium is a very energy- consuming process; for this reason the other elements of the exterior box are realized in ASA polymeric plastic (acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate), a material which offers high resistance to atmospheric agents, UV rays and extreme temperatures. The use of this polymer, which actually costs more than aluminium, has a lower impact from an energetic point of view and thus is more ecologically sustainable.
Also for the transparent parts in plastic that some products have instead of glass for the protection of the LED, our experience in the automotive sector (this is the material used for car headlights) has demonstrated that PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is the most suitable material and tends to not yellow with age nor deteriorate in time. All bolts and screws are in stainless steel.

Xivet uses technological components made by the best manufacturers available on the market:
  • Philips and CREE for the LED
  • Philips-Inventronics-Meanwell for the power supply
  • Ledil for the secondary optics All
the parts in material that is not homogeneous with the Xivet products are separable in order to be easily disposed of at the end of the life-cycle.

Design is a characteristic feature of Xivet products.

Il design connota fortemente l’identità dei prodotti Xivet.
The elements of exterior lighting, whether for public or private use, constitute an important and lasting presence in today’s urban habitat as well as out-of-town.

The designer must be extremely attentive in thinking of and designing the product with the aesthetical sensitivity that is typical of his time while showing himself at the same time capable of interpreting the particular needs of the years to come. It is this sense of responsibility that stimulates us to try and generate new classics.

The ZEUS street lamp has received important national acknowledgements: The Mention of Honour at the 23rd Compasso d’Oro ADI 2011 (the most prestigious and historical design award in the world) derived from the selection for the ADI-Index 2010 (collection of the best Italian design products). In the context of the manifestations for the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy, with all the products awarded the Compasso d’Oro, ZEUS was exhibited in Rome in the MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome).

In 2010 ZEUS was also selected at BIO22, the Biennial Exhibition of Design in Lubjana.

Zeus: premio Menzione d'Onore 2010
After participating in Ljubljana’s Design Biennale (BIO22), in 2010, the first generation of ZEUS won a Special Mention at the XXII Compasso d’Oro ADI and was exhibited in Rome during the celebrations of 150th anniversary of Italian unification.

At the beginning of 2014, the present series of ZEUS1 and ZEUS2 was produced with relevant technological and project improvements.