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Gielle Plast: rivenditore autorizzato Led Philips

LED lighting devices for outdoor applications: street lighting and industrial areas

Efficienza energetica illuminazione a Led per esterni
  • Exeptionally energy efficiency With LED, the reduction of fossil fuels based electricity consumption reaches 80%, accordingly reducing CO2 atmospheric emissions.

    ZEUS’s state of the art secondary optics direct the luminous flux with extreme precision thus reducing required electric power.
  • No heavy metals: White light LED does not contain heave metals (Lead, Cadmium, or Mercury).
  • End-of-life disposal: More than 95% of LED components are recyclable.

    Exceptionally long LED boards life span (20 years!) helps avoiding waste generation from lightbulbs substitution associated with traditional technologies.

    ZEUS is completely separable at the end of the cycle (no gluing between glass and lower shell).
  • Friendly light: LED white light spectrum does not contain infrared or ultraviolet rays.

    The LED light flow emitted by ZEUS is completely safe from photobiological point of view (Risk class 0, Exempt Risk).

    Light emission angle prevents light pollution with respect to the most restrictive norms.
with ZEUS you save money Multiple factors allow to ZEUS to increase the energy saving in comparison with traditional lightbulb technologies.
Overall, with ZEUS you can save from 55 to 80% compared to traditional discharge lightbulb systems.
maximum Efficiency for maximum savings Power control and efficiency are inversely proportional due to thermic stress correlated to the current’s intensity. At 700mA, LED generates the strongest luminous flux but the efficiency goes down by 20% in comparison with the 350mA current’s intensity case.
Special Mention After participating in Ljubljana’s Design Biennale (BIO22), in 2010, the first generation of ZEUS won a Special Mention at the XXII Compasso d’Oro ADI and was exhibited in Rome during the celebrations of 150th anniversary of Italian unification. At the beginning of 2014, the present series of ZEUS1 and ZEUS2 was produced with relevant technological and project improvements.
Design a variable that creates added value ZEUS is an expression of the Italian design’s excellence in bringing together form, function and details to produce products with distinguished personality and high performances.
Thermal management and reliability Al performance indexes depend on temperatures in which the components operate: power supplies and LED’s lifespans, LED’s efficiency, maintenance of flow and malfunction probability. In ZEUS the thermic stress affecting the components is minimised.

  • Power supply lifetime:
    120.000 ore a 60°C
    ZEUS: 34-54°C*
  • Led lifetime:
    100.000 ore a 85°C
    ZEUS: 32-50°C*
  • Maintaining led's luminous flux (At 25°C ambient temperature):
    70% at 100.000 hours
    ZEUS: 90% a 100.000 hours*
  • Failure rate:
    15% a 100.000 hours
Quality of the light Neutral White light emitted by ZEUS is a light with elevated levels of visual comfort. the crisp vision that results from this type of light augments perceived sense of security and drivers reaction capacity.

  • More road safety Neutral White light improves visual comfort and responsiveness of drivers with positive effects on road safety.
  • No light pollution Light emissions over the line of the horizon equals zero in respect of regional legislations on light pollution.
  • Confort and efficiency Neutral White light at 4000K (CRI 70) is the best compromise between efficiency and visual comfort. ZEUS can be equipped on request with LEDs of superior visual comfort (and minor efficiency).
Illuminating efficiency ZEUS uses high efficiency lenses with diversified photometrical parameters to direct the light to the ground and to distribute it homogeneously. The glare grade is low and there are no emissions that can result in light pollution.

Multi-layer optics Each lens Illuminates entire road surface with subsequent overlapping of lighted areas (multilayer) to avoid visible spots and contrasting contours on the road surface.

These secondary lenses are made of PMMA (Poly-methyl-methacrylate) that is highly resistant to UV rays contained in solar radiation. The lenses degradation in terms of transparency (yellowing) that would lead to outgoing luminous flux reduction is negligible.
Applications LED:
Street lighting and outdoor areas
LED Colour temperature: 4000K (3000K optional)
CRI: 70
LED source efficiency: 155 lm/W

Secondary optic:
Material: PMMA
Narrow asymmetric
Wide asymmetric
Extra wide asymmetric
Park asymmetric
Roto/park asymmetric

Photobiological safety class: exempt group
System Efficiency: from 90 to 106 lm/W
Flux: from 1.378 to 21.412 lm

Insulation class
II (I optional)
Protection degree

Da 0 a 90° con tilt di ± 5°

Top-pole and bracket, Ø 60mm

Gear tray


Size (top-pole)
ZEUS1: 560x300x258mm; ZEUS2: 845x400x377mm

Side surface
ZEUS1: 0,052 m2 ; ZEUS2: 0,064 m2
advanced light Management Advanced electronics used in ZEUS allow high versatility in managing flow profile using semi-automatic pre-settings or remotely controlled in real time.

  • Constant light output (clo)
    Programmed minimal increases in power supply maintain constant luminous flux thus compensating lowering performances with time. This allows avoiding initial overpowering.

  • Reduction of luminous flux Automatic profile regulation for reduction of luminous flux in the middle of the night hours.

    Virtual midnight programming With custom profile of flux reduction.

    External dimmers With an external device (astronomic clock or twilight or presence sensors).

  • Remote control - radio waves
    - powerlines
    with additional module.
    With remote control, the profile settings are transmitted to the lighting unit and modified in real time depending on a necessity (semi- nocturnal events, emergencies).
ZEUS 1 Illuminazione per esterni a Led: le dimensioni del Led
ZEUS 2 Illuminazione per esterni a Led: le dimensioni del Led
continuous absolute Reliability
With ZEUS you don’t have to worry: in addition to exceptional quality of components and excellent thermic performance, all products’ quality is laboratory tested to ensure minimal risks of faultiness. Our advanced electronics are equipped with various auto-protection mechanisms.

Optimise intensity, to minimise consumption
In available catalogue versions, ZEUS1 and ZEUS2 cover different application needs. With custom project specifications, the efficiency can be improved even further.

Maintenance reduced to a minimum
Given the components’ exceptional durability, excellent thermic management and continuous reliability, standard maintenance required by ZEUS is reduced to periodic cleaning of the external glass. LED boards and electronic modules can be easily substituted.

  • Standard maintenance ZEUS estimated lifetime covers 5 cycles of re-lamping for discharge technology products
  • additional mainenance The malfunction indicator of 10% failure after 85.000h*, is one of the lowest in the category.
    * For 350mA versions
    LED and electronics modules are easily substituted by accessing specific compartment inside the device. Each ZEUS holds a unique code that allows tracing specifics of optics and electronics and facilitates substitution of corresponding modules.


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