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LED lighting devices for outdoor applications: street lighting and industrial areas

Led illuminazione per esterni: massima efficienza energetica
  • Distinguished design
  • White light with hight visual comfort: 4000K, CRI 70
  • Extremely efficient: energy saving up to 80%
  • Long lifetime: up to 80.000 hours (with 85% of luminous flux)
  • Extremely high quality in LED and electronics components
  • Secondary optics are available for any specific application
DIMENSIONS Led illuminazione per esterni: le dimensioni del Led
PHOTOMETRICS ZEUS1 is available with secondary optics specific to different application needs.

Please contact our company for additional information on curves and photometric data (Dialux) for various optics.
Compact LED street light, with an aerodynamic shape with reduced exposed to wind. Casing self-cleans with wind and rain.

Upper section and rotor in die-cast aluminium, surface finish in oven-baked polymer powders. Highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion and flaking. Long-term colour stability and excellent UV resistance. Lower section of casing in ASA plastic – highly-resistant to atmospheric agents and exposure to direct sunlight.

Thermal dissipation is by natural convection (i.e. without fans) across the numerous fins on the upper part of the casing, which are designed on the basis of the strictest thermal stress tests. This temperature controlled structure ensures the maximum efficiency of the LEDs and the power supply, and thus long service life.
The IP66 protection rating of all electrical and electronic parts is guaranteed by a sealing gasket in two component polyurethane applied by a robot device directly to the casing using FIPFG (formed-in-place foam gasket) technology, which is also used in the automobile industry. All exposed screws and bolts are in stainless steel and thus will not corrode even in extreme conditions (salty air etc.).
LED The LED circuit, is in aluminium which has an extremely low thermal resistance and can drive from 8 to 36 LEDs for powers up to 78W.

Only the highest-quality LEDs of the best worldwide producers, with output ratings of ≥150 lm/W (as laid down by CEI standard EN 62471 governing the photobiological safety of lamps and lighting systems in general).

Colour temperature 4,000 K; colour rendering index (CRI): ≥70; luminous efficacy 90 – 105 lm/W.
Available on request: LEDs with colour temperatures from 3,000 K to 5,000 K.
Panel in toughened non-reflective glass The glass, thickness 4 mm, protects the secondary lenses from the exhaust gases produced by motor vehicles. Impact resistance IK08. Mechanical attachment of the glass without use of glue or sylicon in order to allow an easy separation of the materials at the end of the life-cycle.
Optics High-efficiency secondary lenses in PMMA (anti-yellowing) with a variable photometric curve depending on the application.

Secondary optics are attached by micro-screws without use of glue. The internal plastic profiles serve as a lateral cut-off designed to limit the glaring effect from a distance. A special anticondensation valve provides efficient exchange of the air, which is essential to prevent the formation of condensation on the glass panel, without affecting the waterproofing of the unit.
Electronics The high-efficiency power supply modules feature built-in protection against power surges and resin-based protection from the vibrations generated by motor vehicles and wind.

If the unit is switched on while the ambient conditions are outside its operating limits, the electronic control system reduces the luminous flux until the temperature returns to within safe operating limits. The internal power supply operates with constant DC current via a high-efficiency electronic driver.

Depending on the desired efficiency/consumption ratio, the appliance is available with power supply settings from 350 mA to 700 mA.
Materials: upper section of casing and rotor in extruded aluminium with epoxy powder finish; lower section in UV-resistant ASA technopolymer

Sealing gasket: two-component polyurethane applied by a robot device

LED compartment cover: anti-reflection toughened glass, thickness 4 mm

Glass fixing: mechanical attachment without use of glue or sylicon

Impact resistance of glass: IK08 (5 J anti-vandal protection)

Anti-condensation valve: yes

Exposed screws and bolts: stainless steel

Light source: Single-die or array (4 LED) power-LED with output ≥ 150 lm/W
Lifetime LED: 80.000 hours (at 70% of luminous flux; Ta=25ºC; TJ= 85°)

Colour temperature: 4.000 K (5.000 K e 3.500 K on request)

Colour Render Index (CRI): ≥ 70 (4000K); ≥ 80 (3500K)

Secondary lenses: in PMMA, anchored by micro-screws (without adhesives)

Photometry: various secondary lenses available

Lifetime elettronics: 120.00 hours (TC 60 °C; TA 25 °C)

Voltage surge protection:
4 kV (class II) - 10 kV (class I)

Advanced electronics ZEUS is designed to operate with dynamic light profiles (dimmer function) and is easily programmable in remote mode; the radio control system (optional) males it possible to receive real time feedback relative to consumption and possible malfunctions.

Installation The rotor makes it possible to install the lamp directly at right-angles or at an angle of 90°, with adjustment of the inclination at intervals of ±5° (for posts and/or arms with a circular section having an external diameter of 60 mm). A special safety mechanism fitted inside the rotor prevents accidental inclination of the lamp during adjustment for the safety of the installer. The unit is fixed to the post using four bolts (rather than grub screws), as required by the strictest international safety standards.

Zero light pollution This lighting appliance is designed to produce zero light pollution and, if correctly installed with the LED surface parallel to the road surface, without glare.

Maintenance and repairs The LED board and the electronic circuit board can easily be replaced when more powerful boards become available, and the individual elements, too, can be replaced when desired.

Eco-sustainability Each part of the appliance is free of any trace of mercury or other heavy metals and is built in full compliance with EC standard 2002/95/ EC, also referred to as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive).
All parts are easily separated for recycling at the end of the product’s useful life.
Ambient operating temperature: -40/+55 °C (depending on version)

Wiring:pre-wired; optional plug&play connector

Drive current:from 350 mA to 700 mA (intermediate set-up on request)

Power supply: efficiency > 92%; 120 - 277 Vac; 50 ÷ 60 Hz

Power:13 - 78 W

Cos: > 0,98

Efficiency:90 lm/W ÷ 105 lm/W

Insulation class:I e II

Protection rating: IP66

Compliance with European norms:CE marking; standards: EN 60598-1-EN 60598-2-3

Certification: ENEC

Photobiological safety: risk group classification EN 62471: 0 (No risk)

Maintenance:separate compartments for electronic components and LEDs

Replacement of LEDs and electronic components: with quick connectors

Fixed dimming function: with "virtual midnight" system

Remote control: radio waves or powerline (optional for all models)

Coupling: for posts with diameter 60 mm (on request: adapters for other diameters)

Orientation: 0°- 90° (± 5° step)

Adjustment: internal accident protection system

Installation height:from 4 to 8 mt

Weight: Kg. 7

Area exposed to wind: 0,052 m2

Warranty: 10 years (mechanical parts), 5 years (electronic components)

Technical features
Code Number
of LED
flux (lm)
temperature (K)
CRI Efficiency
current (mA)
Z1-012-013-00-001-2 12 13 1.356 4.000 70 106 350 7
Z1-024-026-00-001-2 24 26 2.705 4.000 70 106 350 7
Z1-036-039-00-001-2 36 39 4.067 4.000 70 105 350 7
Z1-048-051-00-001-2 48 51 5.379 4.000 70 105 350 7
Z1-012-026-00-001-2 12 26 2.392 4.000 70 92 700 7
Z1-024-052-00-001-2 24 52 4.784 4.000 70 92 700 7
Z1-036-078-00-001-2 36 78 7.215 4.000 70 92 700 7
*ISO 80000-7 item 7-33.2 total device consumption
The LED data derives from the producer’s datasheets. Indicated brightness efficiency values are to be considered as maximum; they vary in accordance to the secondary optics’ type.

All other data was measured in laboratory and are to be considered as nominal values with ± 5% margin of error.
Versions with intermediate intensity and luminous flux can be assembled by request.

Zeus 1

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