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Gielle Plast: rivenditore autorizzato Led Philips

LED lighting device for indoor and outdoor, available in three size. Expecially suitable for warehouse and industrial areas.

Illuminazione a Led per uso industriale

Dimensioni Led per illuminazione ad uso civile e industriale

A family of sturdy and versatile LED lighting units ideal for installation in warehouses, industrial sheds and production areas in general.
Thanks to the 67 IP insulation class, ERIX can be installed in outdoor areas too. This family of LED devices has been designed to give high luminous flux, a remarkable Color Render Index and a good lifetime.

Because of the high-powering of the devices, the cooling system have been specifically calculated to guarantee the safety operating conditions to LED and electronics.

Highly-reliable power supply with temperature compensation. Extruded aluminium body scratch- and impact-resistant anodized finishing (or in oven-baked polymer powders, according to the colour) and lateral caps in ASA technopolymer highly-resistant. All exposed screws and bolts are in stainless steel.

The micro-prismatic glass reduces the glaring effect. Standard colour: white, black, aluminium. The fixing system is easy to set and to use. Simple maintenance thanks to the access to LED and electronics sites is allowed just by removing the screws: the modules are easy to change because of all the quick connectors of the inner wiring.
Simple and reliable LED lighting device , suite for indoor and outdoor installations with high power lighting implants up to 8 meters height.

  • Energy saving up to 70%
  • High reliable components Very easy to apply materials and finishing
  • Very easy to apply
  • Finned casing for natural-convection cooling
  • Micro-prismatic glass reduces glaring effect
  • White light with excellent visual confort: 4000K, CRI 85
  • Easy to fix thanks to the versatile support in stainless steel
  • High efficiency Citizens COB LED
  • Very long lifetime: over 60.000 h operating
Materials: central body in extruded aluminium alloy 6060 T5; side caps in ASA technopolymer

Aluminium body finish: aluminium: oxydation; black and white: epoxy powder finish

Sealing gasket: two-component polyurethane applied by a robot device.

LED compartment cover: anti-reflection toughened glass, thickness 4 mm.

Impact resistance of glass: IK08 (5 J anti-vandal protection)

Glass fixing: mechanical attachment IP67 without use of glue or sylicon

Exposed screws and bolts: stainless steel

Light source: power-LED COB with output > 133 lm/W

Colour temperature: 4.000 K

Colour Render Index (CRI): ≥ 85 (4000K);

Lifetime LED: 80.000 hours (at 70% of luminous flux; Ta=25ºC; TJ= 85°)

Ambient operating temperature: -40/+45 °C

Wiring: pre-wired; optional plug&play connector
Drive current: 700 mA

Power supply: 110 - 277 Vac; 50 ÷ 60 Hz

Power: 53 - 106 - 158 W

Cos: > 0,98

System efficiency: 90 lm/W

Insulation class: I (II in option)

Protection rating: IP67

Compliance with European norms: CE marking; standards: EN 60598-1- EN 60598-2-3 EN 62471, EN 55015, EN 61547, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000 3-3

Certification: CE

Electromagnetic compatibility: lighting devices built in compliance with EN 55015, EN 61547, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3 Devices built in compliance with directives 2006/95/CE (LVD), 2004/108/CE (EMC), 2002/95/CE (RoHS)

Photobiological safety: risk group classification EN 62471: 0 (No risk)

Replacement of LEDs and electronic components: modules with quick connectors
Technical features
Code Power
temperature (K)
CRI Efficiency
EX-02-053-00-OTE-1 53 4.770 4.000 85 90 367 6,2
EX-04-106-00-OTE-1 106 9.540 4.000 85 90 579 9,2
EX-06-158-00-OTE-1 158 14.310 4.000 85 90 780 13,2

*ISO 80000-7 item 7-33.2 total device consumption
The LED data derives from the producer’s datasheets. Indicated brightness efficiency values are to be considered as maximum. variano a seconda dell’ottica secondaria. All other data was measured in laboratory and are to be considered as nominal values with ± 5% margin of error.

Illuminazione a Led ad per uso civile e industriale: Led posizione dritta alta Straight high position
Illuminazione a Led ad per uso civile e industriale: Led posizione dritta bassa Straight low position
Illuminazione a Led ad per uso civile e industriale: Led posizione inclinata Tilted position


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