Illuminazione a Led per esterni, lampioni a led

XIVET products are designed, developed and made in Italy

5 Years guarantee

Gielle Plast: rivenditore autorizzato Led Philips

Custom offers

Xivet distinguishes itself for being a fast-moving and dynamic company, capable of designing and realizing new products by combining the expertise of the artisan with the experience of industry.
A versatile company, Xivet is capable of offering customized equipment, also with relatively small batches, with variations in terms of display, colour and personalization of brand-names on the lower cover.

On-demand projects

Xivet is a dynamic and determined company, prepared to put to use its expertise to design, develop and realize specific products on commission.

Remote-control management

The possibility of managing networks of street lighting with remote control is establishing itself more and more as a significant option, as much for the question of rationalizing the operativeness of the lighting in terms of keeping consumption low, as for having full control in real time on the activity not only of the line (network) but also of each single lamp.
In comparison with the static profiles for lighting, dynamic management with remote control consents simple and versatile modulation, depending on the need to vary the light flux for contingent reasons or temporary events, in specific areas of the road network.
Moreover, remote control management also creates the possibility to receive accurate and useful feedback that concerns interventions of maintenance as well. Xivet has adopted a system of remote control management that operates with radio waves, thanks to optional modules inserted inside the body of the lamp-post.
Switchboards distributed appropriately around the network receive and transmit data which are then elaborated with specific software.